Alblack* Process



        The ALBLACK* Process is the cracking of acetylene in a gas-oxygen flame, producing a high quality, dry deposit of carbon. The carbon deposition obtained by means of the ALBLACK* Process is a clean, automatic replacement for the oil based lubricants or dope used on forming molds. 
When acetylene is injected into a gas-oxygen flame, it breaks down to give carbon. The ALBLACK* Process avoids the formation of aromatic compounds or tars, which can coat the production machinery, as well as affect the air quality in the work environment. N.M. Knight and L’Air Liquide have developed equipment for this process, which produces a deposit of carbon black of controlled quality, with good reproducibility.
        ALBLACK* is used on glass forming machines of all types, including I.S. Machines and Press Machines used in various industries such as Packaging, Lighting, Television, as well as other industrial and technical glass forming operations.

Alblack Carbon Deposition



  • Cleaner working environment by eliminating oil vapors
  • Improved surface quality of ware produced
  • Reduction of rejects due to cooling of molds
  • Improved mold life
  • Automation of the process at all required production rates
  • Reproducibility of carbon deposit
  • Adaptable to all type of production machines
  • Increased operator safety through automation
Alblack on Press Machine
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