Industrial Diamond Products
Impregnated and Plated Core Drills

Impregnated Thin-Wall Drills


Coolant, Lubricant and Pressure

          The thin wall series was developed for precision drilling in brittle and/or abrasive materials. With wall thickness held to a maximum of .050", these drills can effect minimal chipping, improved finish and higher feed rates.
           The diamond section, bonded to a seamless steel tube, is manufactured to a standard tolerance of 0.005". This is for both O.D. drills for holes and I.D. drills for cores. Tighter tolerances can be held on request.


          Diamond's worst enemy is heat. A constant flow of coolant, either through the drill, from the side, or with the workpiece submerged is acceptable, although best results occur when coolant flows through the drill. To avoid core hang-up we suggest a lubricant additive.

          Pressure is also an important issue. Tapping into the mains where 40/60 psi is common can be effective in most cases. However pressure is never constant and it is difficult to introduce additives into the system. For drilling holes below 0.060" a pressure tank where 80 psi can be realized is the ideal.

Plated Core Drills

          A single layer of diamond mesh, bonded electrochemically, makes a fast cutting, inexpensive and precise tool. Available in sizes from 0.030", these drills can effectively drill a substantial number of holes.

Plated Solid Drills

          Best described as second generation mounted points, these drills have a single layer of diamond mesh applied to a hardened steel shank. The drill diameters, held to a tolerance of .0005", range from 0.001" in our micro-mini series, to 0.065" in the standard series. The shanks are centerless ground and lapped.

Drill Mounting Information

          A proper coolant delivery system is as important as the selection of the drill. A through-the-core process is most productive. Machines such as the KNIGHT SL SERIES come with thru-feed built into the head and special mounts are necessary for each drill.      
          KNIGHT also supplies water swivels and mountings that attach to conventional drill presses. Should you have a special mounting please forward a sample or drawing with your order.