Knight Watchman



The Knight Watchman is a self-contained, proof of flame, direct spark ignition system. Upon a call for heat, input power from your 120V or 24V AC input device, (i.e., micro-switch, proximity switch, photoelectric sensors, etc. ) is applied to the control board. The control system then initiates sparking and your electric gas valve is energized. Sparking continues with the gas valve powered for a specified period. In normal operation, as soon as flame is established and proven by the flame sensing circuitry, sparking will cease immediately and the system will remain on, monitoring the flame until the end of the duty cycle. Should a flame-out occur during the duty cycle, the system will reactivate the spark within 0.8 seconds, to provide for re-ignition. The flame will either be re-established within the specified time, or the system will lock-out in the normal manner. Should lock-out occur, reset action must be taken before the unit can be recycled. In this case, the gas solenoid will be shut off and an alarm horn will sound alerting the operator.
There are Indicator Lights and second party Terminals, inside the Control Panel, to indicate the status of the system, Reset Push Buttons, Fusing, Horn Signals, E-Stop, Test Push Buttons for set-up, etc. If there was a general loss of power, the system will not restart upon the resumption of power, it must be manually re-started.


  • Plastic Flame Treating
  • Conveyor Belt Warming for glass processing applications
  • Monitoring Pilot Flames for automatic cycling Gas/Air or Gas/Oxygen Burner applications
  • Any Open Flame Gas/Air Burner application that has Flame Safety or Process Critical concerns


  • Knight Gas/Air Burners, Electric Fuel Valves, Combustion Mixers, and Precision Needle Valves are made for many Industrial applications including Plastic Flame Treating
  • KNIGHT Combustion Control Panels are self-contained Panels that contain Flow Meters, Precision Needle Valves for precise set-up of the combustion process, Manual Shut-off Valves and Electric Solenoid Fuel Valves
  • The above two items when ordered with a KNIGHT WATCHMAN make a complete system that can simply be attached to your existing process or an entire process can be designed for your specific needs