Knight Machine Division

          Knight’s longstanding experience in the formed glass industry has enabled us to become one the leading industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers. Our equipment manufacturing and technical expertise includes:

  • Annealing Lehrs & Ovens
    • Continuous belt annealing and decorating lehrs, heating ovens and tunnels
  • Thermal Shock Cutting Machines
    • Bench Model and Fully Automatic Production Cutting Machines
  • Fire Polishing/Glazing Systems
    • Fire Polishers / Glazers engineered to suit your product and output requirements.
  • Trim and Glaze Equipment
    • Components, Assemblies and Complete Lines for Tube Alleys
  • Plastics Flame Treating Equipment
    • Burners, Components, Safety Devices and Complete Systems
  • Custom Machinery and Equipment
    • Custom Glass and Industrial design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities