Polarizing Instruments Division


  • CALIBRATION AND CERTIFICATION - In support of your quality management procedures, we offer polariscope and polarimeter calibration services. We can also provide you with testing certification with each calibration to satisfy your documentation requirements.
  • REPAIRS - In addition to manufacturing new instruments, we can repair, refurbish and recalibrate your current strain testing equipment. After inspection of your equipment, we shall provide you with an estimate of the necessary repairs and any required parts.
  • TRAINING - Our technical staff is prepared to train your quality inspection personnel in strain observation and measurement. Please contact us for training options, which can be organized either on-site or at our facility.
  • TESTING AND CONSULTATION - If you are experiencing strain related product problems, we shall be glad to discuss your situation. We can test your product here, or we can arrange for technical consultation at your location.
Contact us today. We shall be glad to review your application, as well as your product and service requirements.


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