Polarizing Instruments Division


This Instrument may be used in any position from vertical to the horizontal.Model 204 with Stage

Analyzer is mounted within calibrated circle reading clockwise from 0 to 180 and counter-clockwise from 0 to 180.

For use as a polariscope, the analyzer is set to zero. The polarizing field is a typical red-purple and strain is seen in characteristic colors for tension and compression.

For use as a polarimeter, the sensitive tint plates are swung out of the optical path by a finger movement; this movement automatically brings the quarter wave plates into the optical path. The polarizer now appears as a typical dark extinction field and a strained glass specimen is seen as a shaded black to white area. To measure this strain, the calibrated analyzer is rotated until the light area turns to maximum darkness.

Polarimeter-Polariscope Model 204

Note: This instrument is designed to meet ASTM specifications.

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