Polarizing Instruments Division

The 6 Series polariscopes feature a 6-inch diameter polarizing field. Each of the versions below offers distinctive features. The Model 6B has long been an industry standard. Test objects are viewed through a binocular eye-piece. The Model 6M is compact, lightweight and portable. This unit features a 4-1/2 diameter, 2:1 wide-field magnifying analyzer and a built-in stage plate

Our newest Model 6M4 shares the same 2:1 wide-field magnifying analyzer as the 6M, which greatly aids in accurate observation. This unit is also equipped with a rotating analyzer, like our Model 204, which provides the inspector, not only the ability to observe, but to also measure the amount of strain in the product.

Polariscope Model 6M

Polariscope Model 6B

6 Series Specifications

Note: These instruments are designed to meet ASTM specifications.