Tube & Rod Cutting Machine

Tube and Rod Cutting Machine Model 023-020-002


  • New Programmable Logic Controller
  • Patented score & snap cutting method using Fletcher-Terry Carbide Wheels
  • Automatic cutting with built in Tilt Top for positive feed.
  • Automatic Control for piece length and piece count.
  • Initial trim cut to square tubing and automatic rejection of residual tube ends after last cut.
  • Rapid set-up for job change.
  • Reliable mechanical cutting head drive and pneumatic feed system.
  • High speed, yield and accuracy.
We also offer:
  • Complete, automatic cutting and processing lines
  • Transfer and Glazing equipment
  • Inspection and Packing Stations
  • Larger diameter tube cutting machine, up to 14 mm O.D.
  • Fletcher-Terry Carbide Wheels and Axles
1. Cutting Range
  • 0.75mm to 7mm O.D.
  • 1.75” to 12” cut length
  • Up to 60” cane length
2. Tolerance
  • ± 0.010” for length and squareness
3. Materials
  • Glass tubing and rod
  • Quartz tubing and rod
  • Ceramic tubing and rod
  • Thermometer prismatic tubing
4. Approximate Production Rates
  • 15,000 to 90,000 pieces per hour, depending on tube diameter and cut lengths



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