Fletcher-Terry Carbide
Wheels and Axles

Carbide Wheels and Axle/Fletcher-Terry Logo         Fletcher-Terry glass cutting wheels are machined from specially formulated micrograin tungsten carbide. Developed exclusively for The Fletcher-Terry Company, this fine particle carbide composition produces wheels of extraordinary strength and resilience. Wheels are ground and honed to precise tolerances through an exclusive Fletcher machining technique that results in regular and coarse grind finishes that guarantee superior scoring quality and consistency.
        The carbide wheels are available in diameters from 0.140” (3.56mm) up to 0.625” (15.88mm), and with cutting angles from 88º to 120º for use in scoring tubing and rod.         Precision ground carbide axles are available in outside diameters of 0.054” (1.37mm), 0.062” (1.57mm) and 0.116” (2.95mm), and in various lengths to suit your mounting needs.
       Our Sales and Service Technicians are available for further assistance in helping you select the right wheel for your application – whether it is a “Score and Snap” or Thermal Shock cutting process.


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