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     Polariscopes and polarimeters have been manufactured by the Polarizing Instruments Company for more than half a century. Through all these years it has been our aim to produce instruments, not only convenient in use and adaptable to many applications, but which would also long retain their original accuracy. The many instruments still in use after years of service in the foremost production facilities, laboratories and shops testify to the successful realization of this objective. The instruments listed here are standard products, all built to meet A.S.T.M. standards and are ordinarily carried in stock. In addition, many different instruments of similar character, but adapted to some specific application, can be made on special order.
     Our Model Nos. 110 and 204 have been the standard instruments for the investigation of strain in glass and have been cited in A.S.T.M. (American Society for Testing Material) published testing methods. In addition to these models, other polariscopes have been developed to meet special needs. These units range in size from as small as 3 inches to 12 inches in diameter, as well as instruments equipped for microscopic examination.

Model 3 Series Polariscopes
  • 3C
  • 3C-3
Model 6 Series Polariscopes
Model 110 Polariscope
  • For strain observation
Accessories & Options
  • Standard Strain Discs
  • Foot Switch
  • Camera Mount
  • Immersion Tank
  • Circular Stages
  • Platform Stages
Model 204 Polarimeter Polariscope
  • For observation and measurement
Model 207 Polarimeter Polariscope
  • For observation and measurement
  • With Microscope
  • Calibrations and Certification
  • Parts, Repairs and Cleaning
  • Training, Testing and Consultation
Custom Units
  • Custom sizes and designs for small or large applications
  • Special units for process integration

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